What’s in a Brand? Another little glimpse…

This past year, as we have taken to rebranding CrossTraining, there were many factors that have gone into the decision:

  • the amount of confusion people had about what we actually do
  • how the name identifies or doesn’t identify with the people we are trying to serve
  • the age, look , form, and function of the CrossTraining name and the logo family

As we met with a consultant, the encouragement was for us to consider the strength of our story. What are some of the key features of the who we are and who we serve? Here’s a little bit of how it has unfolded.

What’s in a Brand — The First Key

As we looked back at our 16 year history and also looked forward to our future, something stood out. We serve the soccer community. Sure, in times past there has been inquires from other sports. There were early thoughts that CrossTraining might branch out into some of the lesser-served sports Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Lacrosse, or even hiking groups. But nothing ever materialized.

Serving a Major League Soccer team like the Colorado Rapids and working in the industry for nearly 20 years, this is what we know and the people, the community we primarily serve.

Perhaps some of the resistance to considering changing the name was the fear that we might “close the door on other opportunities,” but at this point the consultant shared with us,

Instead of thinking about how a name change will close a door, consider how it might strengthen the relationships with the people and the community (soccer) that you already serve.

In truth, CrossTraining isn’t the best identifier with the soccer community that we aim to serve and that will be one of the pivotal changes addressed in our new name.

What's in a brand

One of the early logo design attempts to emphasize a strong brand identification with soccer and chaplaincy.

What’s in a Brand — The Second Key

The second thing that we examined (although it didn’t take very long) was who we are. CrossTraining is decidedly chaplain-based organization. We do have counselors that we’ve incorporated in order to offer holistic care, but the on-ramp, the basis comes out of the relationship and work of a chaplain with a particular team or organization.

Our aim — for teams and organizations without a chaplain? Place one. For teams and organizations with a chaplain? Educate and support them.

Chaplaincy has some distinct roots and history — while it is much more developed in hospital and military settings, chaplaincy is emerging in many different fields and areas today like business and sport. In our consultations, it was easy to see that our name and tag line: CrossTraining – Fitness for this life and the life to come had a long way to go in terms of being reconciled or connected to chaplaincy.

What’s in a Brand

For myself, this has been a fun, though at times difficult, process to go through. I think that our team members and board are all excited to launch out with our new name and look here in a few months.

Most of you will know that our brand conversation and redevelopment has some added costs and it would be a tremendous blessing if you would want to give a financial gift for us to offset some of those costs. You can click on the PayPal button at the top of the page to make a credit card donation or use a PayPal profile.

Also, if you want to be part of our launch party (early September), please send an email RSVP to us at info@crosstraining-us.org. Put Launch Party RSVP in your subject line! We hope to see you there!

– Executive Director Brad Kenney

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