U.S. Open Cup Affords A Chance to Catch Up with Alumni

The Colorado Rapids came from behind last night from two goals to advance in the U.S. Open Cup. The Rapids defeated the OKC Energy (USL)  3-2. The win advances the MLS side Rapids to face Western Conference opponent FC Dallas in the next round.

Open Cup Affords A Chance to Catch Up with Alumni

April 1, 2017; Colorado Springs, CO, USA; Oklahoma City Energy FC defender Anthony Wallace (22) and Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC forward Shane Malcolm (23) battle for the ball in the first half at Weidner Field. Credit: Isaiah J. Downing/Switchbacks FC

Being on hand for the match, there was a chance to reflect on how often the Open Cup affords a chance to catch up with alumni from the Rapids. I was walking down the hall pre-game and there was Anthony [Wallace]. We hugged and caught up a bit on life right before the match. Anthony was a key member of the Rapids when we won the Cup in 2010. He’s a good player and a great teammate. I can see him bringing a lot to OKC. It’s great to see him still playing. It was hard for us both to believe it has been seven years since that championship year.

These matches are sometimes tough — you support the team that you’re chaplain for, but you know that the smaller team has their own hopes and struggles and desires to advance. For some players, they are hopeful of being seen by a larger team, earning a better contract or playing on a bigger stage, someday. For some players, they have been at the top level, but now they are just trying to have a sustained career. And then you have the smaller organization — this is there moment to shine, to show off their product and its quality. For the USL teams that are bidding for a place in MLS, this tournament can mean a lot.

As a chaplain, I often find myself rooting for different people for a mix of reasons. In truth, we want to see people flourish with their God-given talents and abilities no matter what team or club they find themselves with. And I certainly relish the chance to see and catch-up with alumni during these matches. It’s a wonderful way that God uses this game to keep bringing paths together with people we’ve served throughout our tenure with a team.

— Rev. Brad Kenney

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