Timothy Project LogoThanks for your interest in CrossTraining’s Timothy Project below are some of the values and considerations we take into account for those interested in making a Timothy Project proposal. We look forward to hearing about your particular project and helping support.

Christian-oriented – CrossTraining is a Christian organization. As chaplains we minister in an inter-faith setting (i.e. people of all faiths). Project proposals that serve a diversity of people and faiths, but are from a reputable Christian mission organization or individual are important for maintaining the integrity of CrossTraining and the Timothy Project’s mission and vision.

Soccer РCrossTraining is focused on ministering to the world of professional soccer through chaplaincy and chaplain development, thus, soccer-oriented projects are part of our vision and focus for Timothy Project proposals.

Timothy Project: Guatemala 2015 Final Update

Timothy Project: Guatemala 2015

Cross-cultural and socio-economic РCrossTraining values projects that meet a wide range of needs. Project proposals that reach into diverse cultural, social, and economic peoples and communities are given higher consideration than others.

Community size –¬†CrossTraining likes to see project proposals that stretch the dollar and resources as far as possible. In other words, to reach as many people as possible.

Type of request – CrossTraining grants approximately 10% of our annual raised funds towards the Timothy Project. Financial needs are limited by the size of our yearly donations; therefore, it is sometimes easier to fill requests for equipment, make referrals, or cross-promote particular ministries.

Media – CrossTraining looks for projects that have visuals that can be shared with supporters and also for organizations that can help grow CrossTraining’s base of interested followers. Ideally, photos or video of the people served by a particular project and promotion of CrossTraining should be part of a project proposal.

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