Time has come to Announce our New Brand and Identity

Dear friends, well the moment is here. It’s been a long journey and process. What started over a year ago, as a compelling look at changing the name of CrossTraining reaches the culmination point tonight as we introduce our new brand name and identity.

I recall an early conversation with the brand consultant. The conversation went something like this:

What about all the people who like the name CrossTraining and have been supporting us?

Don’t think too much about how people will feel about the old name, rather consider how the new name and identity will more closely help you connect with your community and how that will be embraced and received.

I confess that I am one that tends to get stuck in my ways and routines. I like things old and lasting. I sometimes am resistant to change. However, I feel that this change is remarkable and one that I am truly excited about. Ever since we landed with our new name and brand in March, I’ve wanted to simply move forward. But we’ve built up the anticipation and tried to prepare as best as we can for this transition and unveiling moment.

We’d love to have you follow along as we announce our new brand and identity. Follow along on Facebook Live by clicking the link below.


Thank you,


Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of CrossTraining

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