Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015 Final Update

Enjoy these photos from the Stephane Guillaume Academy and the Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015 final update. This was one of our first projects of the 2015 season.The Timothy Project sent shoes and equipment and balls – as well as about 50 copies of The Prize┬áto be given away to the children that are part […]

Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015

The Timothy Project launched out it’s first project fulfillment of 2015. A couple boxes of soccer equipment for the Stephane Guillaume Academy (Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015) are currently on their way to Florida, where Stephane will pack items to take to the children back in his home country of Haiti. CrossTraining supporters will recall┬álast […]

Stephane Guillaume Academy

Timothy Project: Stephane Guillaume Academy

Meet Stephane Guillaume. This tall, speedy striker hails from the country of Haiti and was part of the Colorado Rapids during the 2005 season. He currently plays for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, but his heart is always thinking back to home and to the children that are growing up with a love of football – […]