Timothy Project: CCPC Uganda 2017 Final Update

The Timothy Project: CCPC Uganda 2017 Update is pleased to report that through the soccer gear donated by CrossTraining many lives in the outskirts of Kampala were changed for the good.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC) is a valued ministry partner of CrossTraining.  Through this partnership Timothy Project donations have touched the lives of hundreds […]

Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2017 – Part 1

Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2017 is pleased to come alongside a wonderful mission team of Valor students and staff as they spent 12 days working hard to accomplish an impressive number of projects. Near the end of the school year, Timothy Project received a request for Rapids jerseys from a team preparing to go to […]

Timothy Project: Liberia 2017

CrossTraining’s Timothy Project: Liberia 2017 is grateful to have the opportunity to reach the people of Liberia again through Thomas Fahn’s Liberian Institute For Empowerment (L.I.F.E.). Fahn recently sent an update on the state of Liberia in light of the latest events in the area. We are struck by what Fahn has to share and  even […]

Timothy Project: Leoti 2015/2016 Final Update

Last May, CrossTraining’s Timothy Project had a local/no-so-local request from a pastor in Leoti, KS. Connected through the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, CrossTraining got different soccer supplies for Pastor Stephen Morefield and Christ Covenant EPC in the small, farming-community of Leoti, KS. Pastor Morefield sent this latest update to CrossTraining as the spring soccer season in Leoti is […]

From the Rev: Palm Sunday

I have heard people muse, “What sport would Jesus play?” Some say, baseball – the timeless game which is counter to life after the industrial revolution. Some say, surfing – after all Jesus walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee. Some say football (soccer), as it is the ‘beautiful game’ and the most like […]

Timothy Project: Uganda 2015 Update

Pastor Chris Piehl and the 20-person team from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, are now nine days into their work trip in Kampala, Uganda. The team is serving with Youth For Christ Uganda. Check out the team’s blog page to find out how the trip is going. Piehl and the team took soccer uniforms, balls and other equipment to use […]

Timothy Project: Uganda 2015

From Denver, Colorado on a good day, it takes about 21 hours to fly to Uganda – talk about a time change! For Pastor Chris Piehl and a 20-person team comprised of members of the youth group and several adult leaders from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, they will embark on the long journey from Denver […]

Timothy Project Stephen Morefield Leoti Kansas

Timothy Project: Landscapes of Leoti

For Pastor Stephen Morefield and Christ Covenant EPC, the landscape of Leoti, KS is rapidly changing. While still an agrarian-driven community, there is an increasing need for adaptation and community building as the cultural landscape begins to shift with a sharp growth in the Hispanic community that has now become a vital part of the […]

Jason Frobose Colorado State Referee

Urgent: Help Jason Frobose

Urgent Need This past week, Jason Frobose, was rushed to the hospital and operated on for a brain aneurysm.  Jason is well known in the Colorado soccer community as a referee at the club through collegiate levels. The fact that he is young and physically fit (mainly from running after all the soccer players he […]

From the Rev: Waiting for Christmas

We are currently in the season of the year, known to Christians as Advent. Advent precedes Christmas and in earlier years it was celebrated as the 40 days before Christmas. Now, the season is typically observed beginning the four Sundays before Christmas. But the meaning of Advent has remained the same throughout the years – […]