From the Rev: Like Rain, on Your Wedding Day…

I recently had the privilege of conducting a wedding for one of the athletes I serve. The venue was exquisite. The bride, beautiful. The family and friends gathered, excited and joy-filled. And then, the rains came. Tropical downpour, just hours before the ceremony was to start. An outdoor wedding, there were not many options for […]

Prayers for Chapecoense

The news broke late last night of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense whose charter flight crashed in Columbia. The team was traveling to play in the championship of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana. While news is still forthcoming, we ask our supporters and followers to pray for this team and community and all those affected by this tragedy. Heavenly […]

Prayers for Wells

Prayers for Wells

Sometime ago, CrossTraining added a new feature, The Bootroom with featured writing from former professional soccer players and coaches as they write about life and faith and football. Last week, The Bootroom featured writer, Wells Thompson who played for the Colorado Rapids from 2010-2012 and was part of the Rapids’ championship season, underwent season-ending surgery and he shares about it in his […]

From the Rev: The MLS CBA

With the draft now concluded and preseason camps underway, the next major event in the life of Major League Soccer is completing the new MLS CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). The MLS CBA is the league’s agreement with the MLSPU (MLS Player’s Union) and usually is a 3-5 year labor agreement. The current MLS CBA is […]

From the Rev: Popular Petke

The maelstrom of fan discontent surrounding the recent firing of popular, Red Bulls Head Coach Mike Petke is enough to have team executives call a town hall meeting to try and placate season ticket holders. Major League Soccer contributor Dan Itel, in his The Sideline blog, on Thursday, noted the outpouring of fan support – including a fundraising campaign […]

From the Rev: New Year, New Resolutions

It’s a new year and with a new year, come new resolutions – whether a goal to lose weight, spend more time with family, become a better soccer player, or to win a championship – all sorts of things make our initial list to try and “resolve.” For the Colorado Rapids, they have some new year […]

From the Rev: Goodnight Prayers

Through the course of my life’s work, there have been many moments in which I have been confronted with death. Perhaps this has made me more melancholy as I age; however, there is for me a realization that many of these places – difficult as they may be, are sacred spaces or “thin places” as […]

From the Rev: Sincere Prayers

If you are part of the CrossTraining or Colorado Rapids community, we have been praying for a former player and his wife and their three children that were recently born. Today, one of the babies, a girl, died from complications. The other two are clinging to life in the neonatal unit and there are many […]

From the Rev: More than Luck

The other day at the stadium, one of the Colorado Rapids staff members said, “Thanks for the luck!” The team had just scored a couple of goals against an important rival and looked to win it’s first game of the season. The comment reminded me of the superstition that surrounds much of professional sport – […]

From the Rev: ID’ing the Future

I had the privilege of attending portions of the recent ID camp held for Colorado high school student athletes at Valor Christian High School this past week. The camp was put on to give students and college coaches an opportunity to be observed in hopes of receiving scholarships or invitations for possible openings on college […]