MLS Season Winding Down

Non-playoff teams in Major League Soccer (like Colorado and Portland) are currently in process of winding down training sessions and beginning the offseason. While the time usually is marked by a more relaxed atmosphere, for some players there is still much at stake. While each team conducts its business differently in the treatment of players, […]

Colorado Rapids Women’s Team

Earlier this year, the Colorado Rapids, through a strategic partnering alliance, now have a women’s soccer team. The Colorado Rapids Women, formerly known as Colorado Force FC, now call ¬†home Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and continue to play in the W-League. The W-League is the highest tier of professional soccer for women in the United […]

From the Rev: Keep Coaching

The typical coaching contract for coaches in Major League Soccer is three years, though the average length of stay is somewhere closer to 2 years (2.3 according to one source). If those statistics are comparative (there is some question to how scientific) to other leagues, then MLS coaches are among the lowest in terms of […]

Fields of Dreams

It is the kind of special endeavor unique to soccer in the United States ¬†– the U.S. Open Cup. It goes by other names in other places, but here is the opportunity for even the most casual of player, for the amateur, and lower-level soccer players and teams to gain fame and notoriety. Perhaps there […]

From the Rev: The Beckham Affect

When David Beckham first stepped foot on American soil to play for Major League Soccer, there was a division of opinion. Some said Beckham was merely the latest in a long line of world-renown footballers, past their prime, looking to make a last stab at financial gain before retirement. There were other pundits who claimed […]

From the Rev: Mulling over Mullan

As I watched this afternoon’s match up between the Colorado Rapids and the Seattle Sounders, there was one thing on my mind: Brian Mullan. Many are aware of the controversy surrounding Mullan and the Sounders’ Steve Zakuani whose leg was broken in a tackle last April. Zakuani has been rehabbing and recovering and was relegated […]