From the Rev: Super Monday

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.       I am a Denver Bronco fan – have been for most of my life (brief stint as a Raiders fan, but I can’t explain that all here – years of counseling). I have lived through three […]

Congratulations to Cabrera

  CrossTraining would like to congratulate Wilmer Cabrera on his new position as the Chivas USA Head Coach. Our prayers go with Wilmer and his family as they take on this new endeavor in Major League Soccer!

Supporting: Supplies

With any ministry or organization, there are those pieces that are deemed “necessary” – every year kind of supplies. More than just office products (paper, pens, etc.) there are supplies that CrossTraining utilizes year over year in the course of ministry. One example  that is critical to have in supply are Bibles – Spanish versions, […]

Supporting: Hospitality

The average salary for a player on the Colorado Rapids for 2013 was $116k. The highest- paid player made $285k while the lowest paid player(s) made $35,125. While one of the highest compliments of Major League Soccer has been the “approachability” of the players (for fans, media, etc.), part of the salary may have a […]

Support CrossTraining!

Tuesday, December 10 marks the annual Colorado Gives Day – a day set aside to intentionally help create awareness of nonprofit organizations based in Colorado and to help increase philanthropy and online giving. CrossTraining, based in Denver, Colorado, has served Major League Soccer and the Colorado Rapids since 2002 with chaplaincy services to the Rapids […]

Off Season Workout Plans

The “off-season” for a chaplain officially begins when the team has finished with it’s post season aspirations, disbands, and scatters before reforming for the start of a new year. For chaplains in Major League Soccer, the report date for most teams is January 24, 2014. With the league announcing its 2014 schedule today, and the […]

From the Rev: Where Are They Now?

Recently, the Colorado Rapids re-introduced members of its gallery of honor. These former players have made major contributions to the Rapids organization and were collectively recognized during the Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders match. The reunion was also marked by a few events leading up to the game. Events such as these often pique the curiosity of […]

Supporting Marriage

There are few greater things at risk in the world of professional sport than marriage and family. A 2009 New York Times article has suggested that marriage and divorce trends in the NFL might be as high as 60-80% of marriages ending in divorce. And while professional sports may be too narrow of niche to […]

From The Rev: Snowed Out

Last weekend, the Colorado Rapids season home opener was postponed one day for snow. The build up to the storm had a flurry of comments from sports writers and fans – many proudly encouraging a good showing to the club’s opening game despite the inclement weather. Visions of players slipping and sliding, nicknaming the stadium […]

From the Rev: New Beginnings

If you went away a couple years ago, from Major League Soccer, and came back just yesterday, you might be surprised at the new look uniforms that many teams are now wearing. The Colorado Rapids (the team I chaplain) have a new kit look (see below), but not only is the look new on the […]