From the Rev: Character in the Dark

The evangelist, D.L. Moody once said, “Character is what you are in the dark.” Who are we when no one is looking? Who are we when no one is around? Perhaps, for the professional athlete, this question seems irrelevant – much of the professional life is spent in front of cameras, events and comments are captured […]

From the Rev: Glory, Glory Man United

I recently had the privilege to take in the Manchester United vs. AS Roma match that was held in Denver, CO as part of the Guinness International Champions Cup held in the summer of 2014 through the United States. It was a chance to see, up close, some of the world’s best teams and best […]

From the Rev: Gallery of Honor

At the most recent Colorado Rapids home game, the club recognized the 5th member of the Gallery of Honor, current coach and former player Pablo Mastroeni. As a player, Mastroeni was the Rapids’ most decorated player – named to the MLS All-Star Team in his first seven years with the club (2002-2008) he earned Rapids MVP […]

From the Rev: Men Who Sing and Praise God

I meet many men who tell me, “I don’t sing.” Many of these men are speaking from a church context and about modern worship styles and trends as this blogger details. But these same men who may stand silent in modern-day churches (and for many different reasons) are the same men who might have entire poetic […]

From the Rev: World Cup

There is perhaps no larger stage for a single sport sporting event than the World Cup – the National Football League’s Super Bowl ranks high on the list with a large American viewer base and the Olympic Games also have a broad global appeal, but in terms of reach – there is no comparing to […]

From the Rev: The Red Line

The red line – it is every coach’s nemesis in Major League Soccer. It’s simple: teams above the red line when the season ends gain entry into the playoffs for the MLS Cup. Teams below the red line go home early. Every coach handles the red line differently – some watch it closely from the beginning […]

From the Rev: More than Luck

The other day at the stadium, one of the Colorado Rapids staff members said, “Thanks for the luck!” The team had just scored a couple of goals against an important rival and looked to win it’s first game of the season. The comment reminded me of the superstition that surrounds much of professional sport – […]

From the Rev: Deja Vu

Three years, nearly to the day, CrossTraining held its annual retreat just before the Colorado Rapids home opening match against the Portland Timbers. CrossTraining team members and board advisors gathered in the mountains to pray and discuss the future of the ministry as the 2011 Major League Soccer season was about to get underway. The […]

From the Rev: Firsts

Firsts. This season, the Colorado Rapids will encounter many firsts – moments where the team and organization find themselves as never before. For example, 2014 is the first season that the team is being coached by a former player (Pablo Mastroeni). This past Saturday’s game was the first point for the new head coach, it was also […]

From the Rev: ID’ing the Future

I had the privilege of attending portions of the recent ID camp held for Colorado high school student athletes at Valor Christian High School this past week. The camp was put on to give students and college coaches an opportunity to be observed in hopes of receiving scholarships or invitations for possible openings on college […]