Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Leaving the Parish

Dear friends, it has been a  tremendous journey for me these past few months. I have had some unique traveling companions and mentors as I have come to hear and understand from God that it is about time for me to be leaving the parish. Or to put it another way, I am stepping away […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Repeat Success

The Colorado Rapids got a monkey off their back last week – winning 4-0 on the road against Dallas FC. For the club, winless since last season and goalless from the start of the season the win was a success in many ways, including the return of Captain Drew Moor to the starting lineup – […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Resurrection

Often times in professional sport, we will comment that a player, coach, or even a team has had a ‘resurrection.’ Recently, Sunderland Manger Gus Poyet commented that Jermaine Defoe  has the potential to resurrect his national team career after a solid start in the league campaign. Other, similar comments have been made regarding New York Red […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Great Expectations

For Christians around the world, this Sunday is known as Palm Sunday. Today marks the beginning of the Passion Week of Jesus as he entered into Jerusalem for the final week of his life. It is the day when we recognize the crush and gush of the crowd before the crucifixion and gawking of another […]

From the Rev: Popular Petke

The maelstrom of fan discontent surrounding the recent firing of popular, Red Bulls Head Coach Mike Petke is enough to have team executives call a town hall meeting to try and placate season ticket holders. Major League Soccer contributor Dan Itel, in his The Sideline blog, on Thursday, noted the outpouring of fan support – including a fundraising campaign […]

Shepherd's Journey

From the Rev: The Shepherds of Advent

We discover the shepherds of Advent in Luke 2:8-20. You will recall that Advent has to do with waiting; Advent has to do with living in expectancy. And, as the shepherds of Advent journey to the creche at Christmas their hearts are filled with awe and wonder. The shepherd’s story has long captured the imagination of many throughout […]

From the Rev: Living In Expectancy

Key themes for the Advent season include expectancy and expectations. Mario Albertinelli’s The Visitation captures the one and leads us to reflect on the other. As you observe Mary and Elizabeth, in this poignant depiction of the narrative found in Luke 1 – perhaps you can anticipate the senses of expectancy and expectation that both women […]

From the Rev: Healing the Waywardness

 “I will heal their waywardness    and love them freely,    for my anger has turned away from them.” – The Lord speaking through Hosea to Israel, Hosea 14:4 The words of the prophet Hosea were poignantly delivered to me in the form of a ministry charge during my ordination service. It is a powerful charge – heal their waywardness and love them […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Someone between Ezra and Nehemiah

During seminary, I recall a particular moment when I was contemplating what future ministry would look like: one scenario, meant fundraising for salary and ministry to work with the Colorado Rapids as chaplain; the other scenario, meant working and doing the chaplaincy within the “margins” of life and work. As I relayed my fear and aversion […]