2016 Year End Financial Match

CrossTraining has been graciously granted $3500 in matching gifts for new, year-end giving. Through the generous support of a partner and a couple of board members, $3500 is available to CrossTraining for new monthly or one-time giving as we approach the end of the 2016 season. As of Wednesday, December 28 nearly $2800 remains available for […]

First Day of CrossTraining Christmas

Many of us are familiar with the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The English Christmas carol recalls the 12 days within the season of Christmas and a different gift for each day. What you may not know is that this song is said to have been a mnemonic device to help Christian children recall certain parts […]

Timothy Project: CCPC Juarez 2016 Final Update

CrossTraining’s church partner Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church recently returned from Juarez, Mexico, and a week-long mission trip. This year, the short-term mission worked on several things while in Juarez, but perhaps none more important than the relationships with area families, youth, and adults through soccer and other activities, as they share in the Timothy Project: CCPC Juarez 2016 Final Update. Team […]

Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Final Update

CrossTraining is pleased to finally share the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Final Update with our supporters. The project which began last year, finally came to completion in September. Difficulties with raising the funds and then corruption in country meant for a difficult journey for Thomas and Jamie Fahn and their Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.). Here, we share […]

CXT Counseling Undergoes New Development

CrossTraining announces that its counseling services will undergo a new development for the 2017 season. Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, shared that the organization will raise subsidy money to help provide counseling services. What we have come to learn is that one of the barriers to people in this community receiving counseling is the cost. CrossTraining […]

CrossTraining Announces Financial Need For 2016

With just over a month and a half left in 2016, CrossTraining Ministries disclosed its financial need for 2016. Founder and Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney shared what the final push will look like over the next 45 days, We’ve got a big task ahead of us – we need to raise nearly $25,000 in […]

Timothy Project: AIA North Africa 2016

This December, Athletes in Action (AIA) and a team of professional soccer players will travel on a soccer clinic and coaching and outreach trip to North Africa. The Timothy Project: AIA North Africa 2016 will feature Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) players. With both men’s and women’s leagues gaining international notoriety and […]

CrossTraining Adds Justin Smith to Board

Today, CrossTraining announced that by unanimous vote during a recent board meeting, Justin Smith was accepted onto the CrossTraining Board of Directors. Smith attends Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church with his family and is a graduate of Baylor University. He works as an anesthesiologist with the US Anesthesia Partners – Colorado. When asked about joining the CrossTraining board, Smith […]

Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 – Part 2

Last week we shared about CrossTraining’s gift to His Little Feet international choir when they were on tour this past summer. Now, in the Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 – Part 2 we share the rest of the story. Driving away after giving brand new jerseys to the boys int eh choir, CrossTraining’s Executive Director, Rev. […]

Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 – Part 1

Not all Timothy Projects are about going overseas. Sometimes its about those who come to the U.S. Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 – Part 1 is one of those stories. This past summer the international choir, His Little Feet, came to Denver, Colorado on tour. When CrossTraining Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, heard their music […]