Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Thank A Sports Chaplain

It was an interesting “first thing” to say in an interview after winning the NBA championship series and being named MVP, but there was Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala thanking the National Basketball Associations team chaplains. Check out this video where Iguodala thanks NBA chaplains. Not once, but twice, as Iguodala gives a word of praise and thanks for […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Like a Sump Pump

Living in Colorado, we’ve experienced quite a bit of rain – more than usual. It’s mid-June and I have yet to turn on the sprinklers to water the yard and my house sump pump is constantly going off and dispelling water into my front lawn. Laying in bed in the quiet of the night, the […]

CrossTraining News

2015 Annual Retreat

The 2015 annual retreat for CrossTraining was held this past weekend in Allenspark, Colorado and amidst the time shared together by the board and staff, several key decisions were made regarding the future of the ministry of CrossTraining. Among some of the highlights: The CrossTraining Board voted to allow Director, Brad Kenney to increase the […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Beware the ides of March

March 15th. It is a day of historical infamy. Beware the ides of March. The ides of March – a telling time and the phrase was made so popular by Shakespeare’s recounting of the events leading up to Julius Caesar’s assignation in his play so named after the magnanimous Roman emperor whose death is looked […]

Rev Brad Kenney holds the MLS Cup Trophy

From the Rev: What I Am Not

A man may be of value to another man, not because he wishes to be important, not because he possesses some inner wealth of soul, nor because of something he is, but because of what he is – not. His importance may consist in his poverty, in his hopes and fears, in his waiting and […]

introductions over coffee

From the Rev: Introductions

At the recent 2015 NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) Convention in Philadelphia, I was waiting in Starbucks for a meeting when I overheard a woman ask a friend to make introductions with a potential employer and influencer in the game. “Maybe if you could just introduce me,” she suggested, “it could open the door […]

Shepherd's Journey

From the Rev: The Shepherds of Advent

We discover the shepherds of Advent in Luke 2:8-20. You will recall that Advent has to do with waiting; Advent has to do with living in expectancy. And, as the shepherds of Advent journey to the creche at Christmas their hearts are filled with awe and wonder. The shepherd’s story has long captured the imagination of many throughout […]

From the Rev: Remembering Martin

This past Tuesday, November 11, was Veterans Day, but it also serves as the feast day for the patron Saint Martin of Tours. St. Martin has a special place in the heart for the for me personally and for the ministry of CrossTraining. If you don’t know the story, Martin was a soldier in the […]

From the Rev: Coming to the End

Last night, marked the final game of the 2014 season for the Colorado Rapids. In a season which began with much promise, to say the end was “disappointing” would be an understatement. The Rapids went on a 14-game winless streak to finish the season 8th in the Western Conference. With an uncertain future ahead – […]

Charlotte Expansion

The Colorado Rapids recently announced an affiliation with the Charlotte Independence. The long-awaited announcement is part of Major League Soccer’s consolidation of the MLS Reserve League and partnership with the United Soccer Leagues in developing a way for MLS players to gain more quality game experience. The Charlotte Independence on paper, are a new club, […]