From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 3)

Today marks the start of the official Advent season in Western Christianity. However, for a number of years, I have been an advocate for celebrating and observing Celtic Advent. Celtic Advent is not so different from Advent, except that the season is a full 40 days and begins November 15. This allows people to have more […]

From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 2)

Last week, I reflected on why we ought to observe Celtic Advent from a faith perspective. This week, a look at how Celtic Advent can effect our family relationships. You will recall, Celtic Advent is really only distinct in the time frames that the Advent is observed – 40 days as contrasted to the 4 […]

From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 1)

November 15th – seems like I constantly fight (more like a friendly spar) with my colleagues in ministry – this is the time of Advent! “No, no, no,” they reply. “Advent begins on the first four Sundays before Christmas!” “But Celtic Advent…” (sigh). I find myself often alone in arguing for an earlier start to the […]