From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 3)

Today marks the start of the official Advent season in Western Christianity. However, for a number of years, I have been an advocate for celebrating and observing Celtic Advent. Celtic Advent is not so different from Advent, except that the season is a full 40 days and begins November 15. This allows people to have more […]

From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 2)

Last week, I reflected on why we ought to observe Celtic Advent from a faith perspective. This week, a look at how Celtic Advent can effect our family relationships. You will recall, Celtic Advent is really only distinct in the time frames that the Advent is observed – 40 days as contrasted to the 4 […]

From the Rev: Celtic Advent (Part 1)

November 15th – seems like I constantly fight (more like a friendly spar) with my colleagues in ministry – this is the time of Advent! “No, no, no,” they reply. “Advent begins on the first four Sundays before Christmas!” “But Celtic Advent…” (sigh). I find myself often alone in arguing for an earlier start to the […]

Shepherd's Journey

From the Rev: The Shepherds of Advent

We discover the shepherds of Advent in Luke 2:8-20. You will recall that Advent has to do with waiting; Advent has to do with living in expectancy. And, as the shepherds of Advent journey to the creche at Christmas their hearts are filled with awe and wonder. The shepherd’s story has long captured the imagination of many throughout […]

From the Rev: Living In Expectancy

Key themes for the Advent season include expectancy and expectations. Mario Albertinelli’s The Visitation captures the one and leads us to reflect on the other. As you observe Mary and Elizabeth, in this poignant depiction of the narrative found in Luke 1 – perhaps you can anticipate the senses of expectancy and expectation that both women […]

From the Rev: Waiting for Christmas

We are currently in the season of the year, known to Christians as Advent. Advent precedes Christmas and in earlier years it was celebrated as the 40 days before Christmas. Now, the season is typically observed beginning the four Sundays before Christmas. But the meaning of Advent has remained the same throughout the years – […]