Second Day of CrossTraining Christmas

Many of us are familiar with the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The English Christmas carol recalls the 12 days within the season of Christmas and a different gift for each day. What you may not know is that this song is said to have been a mnemonic device to help Christian children recall certain parts of their faith during a time of religious oppression and persecution in England.

In sharing the CrossTraining story for 2016 and into 2017, we thought we would develop our own 12 Stories of CrossTraining to correspond with the 12 Days of Christmas. And so, today, on the second day of Christmas, we share our second day of CrossTraining Christmas and our next story…sing or hum along with us —

On the second day of CrossTraining Christmas, my true love gave to me…

two church partners.

In 2016, CrossTraining had two church partners come alongside of our ministry to provide financial support and prayer support for our work that we are doing. CrossTraining is a small organization with limited resources. We will depend more heavily upon church partners in the future to help us carry out our mission and ministry within the sports world.

Second Day of CrossTraining Christmas; Cherry Creek PresCherry Creek Presbyterian Church, earlier this year became our first official church partner. Offering financial support and other resources to aid in the work of CrossTraining, CCPC was a tremendous partner and friend in enabling our work to expand. CrossTraining was also able to help CCPC on their fall mission trip to Juarez as they took soccer equipment for their mission work to the poor in that city.

Highland Community ChurchSecond Day of CrossTraining Christmas; Highline in the Denver Tech Center, also partnered with CrossTraining this year. HCC and their missions committee helped CrossTraining with a financial gift to enable us to share Christ and the work of CrossTraining globally.

As CrossTraining continues to grow and expand, we will also look to develop new church partnerships and relationships. With teams and communities in Denver and Colorado Springs, as well as in Charlotte, North Carolina — our mission and work will look to see the number of our church partners grow.

Please pray that God would put the right churches into relationship with us so that we can see the work continue.

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