From the Rev: The Redemptive Edge

Ok. So, I’ve not written since early April. A sign of the busyness of this season and all that CrossTraining is going through with our rebranding and ministry. A few of my friends recently have asked that infamous question, “How are you doing?” Tired. Excited. Ready for this rebranding process to be finished. Struggling. Energized. My answers have been as varied as I have felt in this season.

redemptive edgeI was greatly encouraged, though, by a recent article which appeared in the Pueblo Chieftain.The article features CrossTraining’s former Associate Chaplain, working here with me and the Colorado Rapids. I am reminded of the redemptive edge of the ministry of CrossTraining. Yes, that redemptive edge is most often applied to the athletes, coaches, staff, alumni, fans, and families of the teams we serve. But sometimes, that very edge is applied to the chaplains, the counselors, and to the volunteers that work hard with the ministry of CrossTraining.

I guess it’s one of those “unspoken” things — we don’t set out to minister to ourselves or our own roundedness. But God often meets us in that special way or place. He meets us in the midst of our lostness. He meets us in the drudgery and trudging about — when we feel as though we’ve been a failure or are ineffective.

I recall a few years ago, a chaplain with CrossTraining came out to Colorado for our annual retreat. Part of our time was spent playing guitars and singing. As I dropped him off at the airport, his parting words were powerful,

Thank you, for this. I discovered the music, again.

His story included deep wounds from the church and from ministry life. He had abandoned guitar playing. He had lost the sound and joy of music in his life.

Well, CrossTraining isn’t about music ministry! Or is it?

If it’s about holistic care. If it’s about a restorative work or about God healing wounds. Then I guess I shouldn’t worry too much if a former pastor/musician-turned chaplain or a divorced and depressed pastor who has left ministry somehow find a redemptive edge within the ministry and work of CrossTraining.


Rev Brad Kenney

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