From the Rev: Like Rain, on Your Wedding Day…

I recently had the privilege of conducting a wedding for one of the athletes I serve. The venue was exquisite. The bride, beautiful. The family and friends gathered, excited and joy-filled. And then, the rains came. Tropical downpour, just hours before the ceremony was to start. An outdoor wedding, there were not many options for getting folks out of the rain.

Huddled together with the father and mother of the bride, I made a simple offer. “There’s not much more that we can do, but we can pray.” I asked mom and dad if I could simply pray over them and ask God to intervene. Maybe it was hesitation, maybe it was the tension of faith or the moment, but I could sense an air of hopelessness.

Heavenly Father, you are Master of wind and wave. Will you stop the rain?

With some other words, I asked for the Lord’s blessing – to be honest, I don’t remember all the words. I just remember praying, thinking of how the bride and family might be feeling discouraged. The rains continued. I left and prayed together with my family and then texted many friends and colleagues, asking them to also intercede in prayer.

Sometimes God calms the storm, other times He calms us instead.

The radar showed wave after wave of showers. I reminded my daughters that God uses all these things for His glory. He might choose to not stop the rain, but we can still pray and lift our friend, her family, and the wedding ceremony up to Him.

45 minutes before the ceremony, the rain stopped. It was a furious effort to towel off the chairs and broom the puddles away as best as we could — but everyone pitched in. The sun broke through the clouds just moments before the wedding party processed, a gloomy day turned suddenly glorious.

A popular song calls it “ironic” to have rain on your wedding day. Some say it’s “good luck” or a “good sign.” But truth is, it’s a moment for the glory of God to shine through in our lives.


Rev. Brad Kenney


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