Rebrand on the horizon for CrossTraining this year


CrossTraining will rebrand this year

CrossTraining, today, announced that it has begun the work to rebrand as an organization. It will likely debut a new name later this year. Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director, shared his excitement about the latest development for the ministry. CrossTraining has been in existence since 2002 and formalized in 2005,

We’ve really done a lot of listening to the people that we serve. While the name CrossTraining is perhaps a clever athletic metaphor, it really has created a lot of problems. We find ourselves constantly explaining we’re not some Christian cross-fit program.

The CrossTraining name was developed while Rev. Kenney was studying in seminary. With his beginning work of chaplaincy with the Colorado Rapids, Major League Soccer team,

I was looking for a framework for how to do ministry with the team and organization. I Timothy 4:8 was integral — Physical training is of some value, but spiritual training (godliness) has value for this life and the life to come. The more I thought about this it seemed a good fit. Cross-training was an exercise and fitness training philosophy at the time. Its aim was to develop the whole person, an overall better athlete. For me, I have seen the underdevelopment of the spiritual and emotional within professional sport for so many years. Thus, the CrossTraining name was born.

While the name of CrossTraining has grown as a brand over the last number of years, Director  Kenney acknowledged that the brand identity has struggled more recently. With the rise in popularity of cross-fit exercise programs, many people often confused the two.

We are really focused in on the soccer community and we identify as chaplains to that community. Those are key factors as we move forward in deciding on a new brand identity. We will be looking for a name and identity that lends strength to those key items.

In a recent board of directors meeting, the decision to move forward with a rebrand was unanimously approved. While the name of CrossTraining will change, the focus and mission will not, rather there will be a new level of clarity for the communities being served.

Today, I think it is so important for us to authentically identify and represent ourselves to who we serve — what we are as well as what we aren’t. There are enough people and organizations out there who misrepresent themselves and we need to be really, really clear.

Supporters and those served by CrossTraining are encouraged to reach out with any questions as the organization enters into the process. In the months to come, Director Kenney will be reaching out to key supporters and partners to share progress of the rebrand.

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