Rapids win on penalty kicks to advance

269px-Colorado_Rapids_logo_(one_gold_star).svgOn Sunday, the Colorado Rapids won a thrilling penalty kick shoot out against the Los Angeles Galaxy to advance to the Western Conference Finals against the Seattle Sounders. The Rapids, after losing in LA 0-1, found themselves needing at least one goal in their home match to force extra time. That goal came from a brilliant strike and the Rapids went on to win in the penalty kick shootout.

Lead Chaplain, Rev. Brad Kenney, recalls the last few minutes of the game,

Sitting with the reserve players for most of the game, we decided to go down toward the field and watch the last few minutes and the penalty kicks. As we stood on the sidelines we joined arms and I remember (Dennis) Castillo kept saying, ‘We’ve got this. We’ve got this.’ When LeToux’s goal went in we were ecstatic and then Howard’s stop sent everyone into a frenzy…the team has worked so hard this year to prove they belong and the stadium erupted. I kept pushed the reserve players out on the field, because they have been just as much apart of the team and deserve to celebrate, too. It was a great moment and a really electric atmosphere.

The Rapids now move on to face the Sounders with a playoff match on November 22 in Seattle. The Western Conference will feature a 2-game series with the winner going to the MLS Cup Final on December 10. Rev. Kenney commented on the season extension,

After doing this for the last 15 seasons, I have learned to relish the time that you have with players, coaches, and staff – you never know the time that you have with someone and even in the winning seasons there tends to be a lot of transition so I will be looking forward to a few more weeks of doing life together and watching this group keep striving all the way to the end.

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