Rapids Fall, Fail to Make Championship Game

Rapids fall

In spite of Jermaine Jones’ best efforts, the Rapids fall 1-0 at home and miss MLS Cup Final.

The Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer) fell to the Seattle Sounders, 1-0. The Sunday match, held promise for the Rapids club, looking to make its 3rd championship appearance (1997, 2010). The Rapids, playing at home, needed a 1-0 win to advance, but ended up giving a goal and losing its first home match in the 2016 season on what would be the team’s final day.

Rev. Brad Kenney, the Rapids Lead Chaplain, shared his feelings after the game,

There is a deep sadness — when you’ve walked with, cheered on, struggled on with a group of men and their families through a season where this team defied the odds and did what few expected and you fall just shy of the mark — there are emotions that words cannot express.

The Rapids finished last in the Western Conference in 2015 and had a turnaround season which saw the club achieve defensive records and finish with its best record in club history. Rev. Kenney shared what he and many had felt about the year,

In many ways, there were reminders of 2010 – the comments of the pundits, a seeming lack of recognition, the attitude of the players and coaches, the achievements and continual striving. For me, I have learned over the years that it is rare to have and keep a good team assembled. There are often the comings and goings typical with a professional sports team, and I think that is what made so much emotion around the game. We don’t know who we are saying goodbye to when we give that last hug or handshake.

The next major day for the Rapids will be on December 13th when the league holds its expansion draft. The Rapids could potentially lose one member of its current squad to expansion. Several other drafts that are part of the league’s mechanisms for player movement will occur following the Dec 13th draft.

CrossTraining supporters are encouraged to pray for the different moves that will happen around the league and those players and their families affected during times of transition.

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