Fourth Day of CrossTraining Christmas

Many of us are familiar with the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The English Christmas carol recalls the 12 days within the season of Christmas and a different gift for each day. What you may not know is that this song is said to have been a mnemonic device to help Christian children recall certain parts of their faith during a time of religious oppression and persecution in England.

In sharing the CrossTraining story for 2016 and into 2017, we thought we would develop our own 12 Stories of CrossTraining to correspond with the 12 Days of Christmas. And so, today, on the fourth day of Christmas, we share our fourth day of CrossTraining Christmas and our fourth story…sing or hum along with us —

On the fourth day of CrossTraining Christmas, my true love gave to me…

four different communities

Fourth Day of CrossTraining Christmas1st community — The Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer)

Our first and original community, the Colorado Rapids (MLS) represents the largest and most expansive community (we’ll explain more about ‘community’ tomorrow) that CrossTraining serves. Since 2002, CrossTraining has provided chaplaincy services to the organization and that work has expanded to two chaplains and a counselor servicing the current needs with a view towards more growth as the club grows. 2017 will see the addition of a PDL (Player Development League) team as well as academy teams. The exponential growth comes with exponential needs and challenges. Pray for our work with this community.

Fourth Day of CrossTraining Christmas2nd community — Valor Christian Eagles (Colorado State High School Soccer)

CrossTraining began working with Valor in unofficial capacities in 2009. It wasn’t until 2013, that CrossTraining began its official work with the Boys Soccer Program to offer chaplaincy services to his Christian High School located in the south-metro Denver area. With hopes that this may eventually become a sports chaplain training ground, Valor and its community has received chaplaincy care for a number of years now.

Fourth Day of CrossTraining Christmas3rd community — The Colorado Springs Switchbacks (United Soccer League)

In 2015, the founder of CrossTraining, Rev. Brad Kenney left his full-time church staff role to take on the expansive work of CrossTraining. One of the first teams that CrossTraining expanded to servicing were the newly minted Colorado Springs Switchbacks that played in the USL (at that time America’s third division of soccer). Rev Kenney helped find a chaplain, Pastor Kurt Trempert, to work with the new club and Chaplain Trempert now looks to continue growing the team and resources to serve this new and unique community.

Fourth Day of CrossTraining Christmas4th community — The Charlotte Independence (United Soccer League)

While it took nearly two years, the chaplain program for the Charlotte Independence is finally up and running. Chaplain John Bettis has been working with the team since 2016 and there are movements to already grow this young chaplain team by adding a bi-lingual chaplain to help serve the community represented by the Independence. This USL club has an affiliation with the Colorado Rapids — the reserve players for the Rapids are often sent to Charlotte to gain more playing time and experience, thus creating additional needs.

Please pray about the four different communities that CrossTraining currently serves, and pray for the potential communities that we look to grow and expand into!

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