Eleventh Day of CrossTraining Christmas

Many of us are familiar with the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The English Christmas carol recalls the 12 days within the season of Christmas and a different gift for each day. What you may not know is that this song is said to have been a mnemonic device to help Christian children recall certain parts of their faith during a time of religious oppression and persecution in England.

In sharing the CrossTraining story for 2016 and into 2017, we thought we would develop our own 12 Stories of CrossTraining to correspond with the 12 Days of Christmas. And so, today, on the eleventh day of Christmas, we share our eleventh day of CrossTraining Christmas and our eleventh story…sing or hum along with us —

On the eleventh day of CrossTraining Christmas, my true love gave to me…

eleven Timothy Projects.

 CrossTraining Timothy ProjectSince 2010, CrossTraining has sponsored several different people, organizations, and projects through its Timothy Project. 2016 was a big year for the program which saw over 11 different projects apply, gain acceptance and supplied with various soccer gear and equipment. A list of the different projects and the final outcomes can be found here.

This year, over 3,000 pieces of soccer gear, equipment, Bibles, and other materials were supplied to our different projects. From Senegal to Swaziland to Mexico and Honduras and many different places in-between, the Timothy Project touched many different people across the world.

Eleventh Day of CrossTraining ChristmasCrossTraining’s Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney spoke about the reach and impact of the Timothy Project,

If we are honest, we who live in the West live in relative comfort and safety. Many of the things that we take for granted are treasured by those who have little or nothing at all. Our partners who have utilized the Timothy Project have found what a difference taking the soccer gear on their trips can make in terms of building relationships, earning trust, and speaking into the lives of the people that they aim to serve.

CrossTraining uses a portion of its annual budget to purchase new equipment for teams to take in addition to supplying left over uniforms or gear from the teams and communities that it serves. In addition to the soccer items, many times Bibles, books, bags, and other supplies are provided with particular projects.

Part of CrossTraining’s values are to provide holistic ministry — a new jersey may not mean much to us here, but for some of these children it is the best gift they could ever hope to receive and it says, “We care about you, as a person.” It’s about reminding people that they are made in the image of God and loved by him.

Thank you to our financial supporters of CrossTraining as your gifts have helped make a difference — not just in the lives of the people CrossTraining serves in our four communities, but around the world through the Timothy Project.

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