CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – Humility in Winning, Class in Defeat

CXT Valor: Eagles WingsPerhaps one of the most difficult things for any person or program that has experienced any measure of success is to act with humility. It is a tremendous challenge, especially in the competitive environs of sport where humility can be viewed as “weakness” or seen as inauthentic.

This week’s Eagles Wings covers the Valor Boys Soccer Team “on the pitch value” Humility in Winning, Class in Defeat. Humility – as some sages have put it – ought to be the bedrock of Christian faith, and this week’s devotional highlights the ultimate example of humility that we ought to pursue.

Eagle Wings Week 8 2015

Eagles Wings is a weekly devotional publication that covers a particular spiritual theme or topic written for the coaches, student-athletes, and parents of Valor Christian High School and the Boys Soccer Program.

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