CrossTraining says goodbye to Bettis

Today, CrossTraining announced that John Bettis will no longer serve the Charlotte Independence as chaplain. Bettis, had been working to serve the club for the better part of a the last year and a half; however, future opportunities seem to be leading Bettis and his wife to remain in Columbia, South Carolina after Bettis’ graduation from Columbia International University.

CrossTraining Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, praised Bettis for the work and service that he had offered,

John had a tough job — driving from Columbia to serve the team and the organization — I know he had a lot of windshield time and in the moments when he served, he served well. On behalf of the CrossTraining Team and Board, we wish John and Laura the best and we will hopefully see God open some great doors of ministry in Columbia and beyond for John’s calling as a chaplain.

Among some of Bettis’ goals for the future are gaining additional chaplaincy experience through a local Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program and working for his local church in Columbia with a hopeful eye to eventually becoming a chaplain in the Navy.

With Bettis’ discontinuation, CrossTraining again will look to find a chaplain candidate to serve the Independence organization. Director Kenney said that there are already a couple of candidates that may receive possible consideration,

One of the advantages of our model with CrossTraining is that we look to build teams of chaplains and counselors that can serve. We have been looking for a bilingual chaplain that could serve with the team and we’ve already a few candidates that we can place in front of the team from our efforts to build the team.

Director Kenney cited Bettis’ case as one example of the many challenges that face sports chaplaincy and its ongoing development.

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