CrossTraining Rebrand Draws Closer

As the month of May draws to a close, the time for unveiling the new brand name and look for CrossTraining draws closer. The rebranding, which was announced late in March, has been moving forward. Executive Director, Brad Kenney shared the time frame and a bit of an update,

We are looking at mid-August to September window when we will have everything ready. We are getting excited as we see things begin to materialize. The name and logo are finished, we are working on website — it’s alot but we’ve got good progress.

CrossTraining rebrand draws closer

The above image is an obscured logo from one of the initial design choices, among the main new features shown here will be the use of color in the logo scheme.

CrossTraining released some obscured images from their design process.

Obviously, we can’t share too much. It would spoil our event we are planning. But maybe you can see something here from one of our initial designs — at least people can know we are going to have color in our new logo.

Director Kenney smiled when asked what the new name was going to be.

We can’t share it yet. But we can invite folks to the party. We really feel that our new name and look is going to clearly identify us with the community that we serve.

Among some of the key reasons for the name change, Director Kenney shared that there has often been confusion around the CrossTraining moniker and the cross-fit exercise movement. In addition, the current logo for CrossTraining was implemented in 2010.

It was a collision of several things — our name, the growth and expansion opportunities for CrossTraining, an aging logo and look — it was time for a change.

The rebranding of the organization has incurred additional costs that supporters are encouraged to consider praying about possibly making an extra financial gift to help.

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