Chaplain Duran Moving On From Colorado

Chaplain Duran moving on from Colorado

Associate Chaplain Cesar Duran (center) with Chaplain Rev. Brad Kenney and former chaplain John Bettis will be leaving Colorado to head south to Laredo, Texas.

Today, it was announced that Associate Chaplain Cesar Duran (Colorado Rapids) would be moving from Colorado. Duran, a minister with the United Methodist Church, has been serving the Rapids team through CrossTraining since April of 2016.  Duran has accepted a position pastoring a church in Laredo, Texas. He will finish his service through June.

CrossTraining Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, said of Duran’s move,

I am excited for Cesar. The invitation for him to come and pastor the church in Laredo will be a blessing for he and his family in a number of ways. Not only will he be closer to his family in Mexico, but he has the opportunity to lead an inter-cultural church.

When asked about what he would take away from his experience working with CrossTraining, Duran commented,

I thank God for CrossTraining because it gave me the opportunity to do all the things I love to do together: serve God, help people, enjoy soccer, and meet many wonderful people.

Director Kenney, who also serves as Lead Chaplain for the Rapids, talked about filing the vacancy left by Duran.

We will begin a search to fill Cesar’s role. Our needs for bilingual chaplains can seem to change based on team and staff needs, but it is important for the community we serve to have a diversity that is representative of that community and have capable chaplains to relieve our lead chaplains when necessary.

Chaplain Duran moving on from Colorado

Chaplain Duran delivers some jerseys via the Timothy Project to pastor’s in Mexico.

Director Kenney also mentioned that Duran may be continuing with CrossTraining Ministries, albeit with some, potentially, unique opportunities in the south of Texas and perhaps even beyond.

Cesar and I have spoken about what opportunities exist in Laredo to continuing serving as a chaplain in the soccer community. There are teams both within in Laredo and across the boarder. We are excited to see what God does out of this change.

Interested and qualified individuals in the Denver area are welcome to inquire about the associate chaplain position. E-mail

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