Timothy Project – Valor Kenya 2017 – Part II

Timothy Project – Valor Kenya 2017 – Part II  Upon return of Valor’s Discovery team from Kenya one of the group’s leaders, Toby Coffman, summed up the experience in these three words, “It was awesome.” In Part I of our story we stated that the Valor Discovery team would be visiting  a community center and […]

Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2017 – Part 1

Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2017 is pleased to come alongside a wonderful mission team of Valor students and staff as they spent 12 days working hard to accomplish an impressive number of projects. Near the end of the school year, Timothy Project received a request for Rapids jerseys from a team preparing to go to […]

Valor Christian Falls in Quarterfinal against Durango

Valor Christian High School lost in their away quarterfinal in Durango on Saturday. The team saw a controversial goal end their season hopes. Head Coach Brian Shultz commented on the game, I was very grateful for the personal growth of the boys this year and incredibly proud of the preparation and gritty performance of this […]

Valor Eagles Win to Advance in State Playoffs

The Valor Eagles win advances them out of the second round of the Colorado State High School Athletic Association 4a playoffs. The Valor Christian High School team, last night, won with a thrilling, double overtime victory against the Lewis-Palmer High School Rangers. It is the first time in the history of the Valor boys program that […]

CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – It’s About the Team

I believe that one of the most difficult values for us to learn, especially in U.S. culture where we’ve been imbedded with a “pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps” sense of rugged individualism is the value of self-sacrifice for the greater good for the team. Sport, itself, is a unique environment because we compete for positions and playing time in team sports […]

CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – Humility in Winning, Class in Defeat

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for any person or program that has experienced any measure of success is to act with humility. It is a tremendous challenge, especially in the competitive environs of sport where humility can be viewed as “weakness” or seen as inauthentic. This week’s Eagles Wings covers the Valor Boys […]

CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – Embrace the Valor Community

We are not meant to be alone – in the very beginning, the first thing that God notes that is not good in the story of creation is that man is alone. And so God creates a companion for him. We are designed to be connected in community – we need to be connected into life-giving, […]

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Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 Video

This week’s Timothy Project update features video of Cherry Hills Community Church and their trip to Czech Republic earlier this summer as part of the Timothy Project program where they requested several indoor soccer balls for their camp. The team touched many young men’s lives. Read the final update here. If you would like to make a […]

CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – Be Fiercely Competitive

In so many different areas of life – whether sport, business, school – we encounter arenas of competition. There can be a conflicting sense, if we are not well-grounded, in how we are to be as competitors in those different areas. This week’s Eagles Wings covers the Valor Boys Soccer Team “on the pitch value” Be […]

CXT Valor: Eagles Wings – Attract and Retain Fans

Okay, I’ll admit it – when I thought about writing on the subject attract and retain fans, I rolled my eyes a bit. After all, in my years working for a professional sports organization, this has never been (for me) a subject of much thought or contemplation. But after spending some time with this idea […]