Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Used by the Creator

Used by the Creator There was once a pot that called a kettle, “Black!” That same pot then turned to the one who made it and said, “I am not a pot and I don’t want to be used as a pot anymore!” We all know that this is lunacy; a pot cannot tell its […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Is Evangelism a 4-Letter Word

Is Evangelism a 4-letter Word? What thoughts, emotions or attitudes are conjured up within you when your pastor mentions evangelism? Maybe you are filled with fear, trepidation or concern. I know that I have all kinds of emotional and theological baggage associated with the word. Let me first be clear about what the word means. […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Sending the Church

Sending the Church From the very first days of the Church, the sending out of the Followers has been paramount to the Church’s mission and even existence. Even before Jesus suffered, died, was buried, arose, and ascended; He sent out His followers among the people of Israel. Jesus knew that His followers were going to […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Living Word

Living Word One particular Sunday I spent a great deal of time teaching the children about how God uses Scripture to perform spiritual surgery upon our hearts and minds. I focused on the mind of the Believer in order to help them, and you, understand that our thoughts precede our feelings. Today I would like to […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: The Rhythms of Summer

The Rhythms of Summer I love summer in Colorado. Today being an exception – the early morning sunshine that gives way to late afternoon thunderstorms; the variety and the beauty create a sense of wonder. Even in the years of drought, there was always some cool air and fresh water to be found in the […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Friendship

 Friendship I am not an expert on friendship, but I have some friends. I am not the best friend in the world, but I am at least one person’s best friend. I don’t have the most friends, but I have a lot of people that I consider to be my friends. I am not a […]

TreVO: Resisting the Urge to be Popular

Resisting the Urge to Be Popular Funny thing about popularity – so many pursue it and so few feel that they have it. We all want to make friends and influence people. We want to walk into a room where everybody knows our name. To this end we spend money on clothes, art, career, opportunities, […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Narcissism

Narcissism Every so often I am asked to speak at Colorado Springs Christian Schools for a chapel.  I think it has something to do with my wife being a middle school homeroom teacher! I spent some time asking God what He wanted to communicate to the young people. I kept coming back to the message […]

Chaplain Kurt Trempert

TreVO: Investors and Consumers

Investors and Consumers I have often touched on the concept of investors and consumers as it related to our relationships and faith. But how does this apply to the church body? Am I an investor in or a consumer of the church? The church has been described as a body in scripture and throughout church history. […]

TreVO: Art and Entertainment

Art and Entertainment Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? Or, is there such a thing as absolute beauty? Is beauty defined by the artist or the one who observes it? Is creation beautiful because of the Artist, or is it beautiful because we have defined it as beautiful? These are just some […]