Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Update

Last month, CrossTraining announced the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 and the goal of Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) to fill a shipping container from Colorado to send to Liberia with soccer equipment and school supplies. Currently, CrossTraining has been able to collect over 500 pieces of soccer equipment including Colorado Rapids jerseys, cones, training vests, backpacks, […]

Timothy Project: Mexico II 2015

Timothy Project: Mexico II 2015

In just a couple of weeks, a volunteer team of 23 members from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church will travel to Juarez, Mexico, for a week-long partnership with a local, Mexican church (La Iglesia Maranatha). For CCPC, this partnership with the pastor and church has been ongoing for some 25 years. The volunteer team will be assisting local church […]

Timothy Project: Mexico 2015 Final Update

Ann Nerney and the team from  Cherry Hills Community Church have returned from Juarez, Mexico and share the following Timothy Project: Mexico 2015 final update. Their team received a donation of nearly 30 soccer balls and many uniform jersey’s from the Colorado Rapids via the Timothy Project. Ann and her team were down in Juarez, for four […]

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Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 Video

This week’s Timothy Project update features video of Cherry Hills Community Church and their trip to Czech Republic earlier this summer as part of the Timothy Project program where they requested several indoor soccer balls for their camp. The team touched many young men’s lives. Read the final update here. If you would like to make a […]

Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 Final Update

The Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 final update comes from the team that traveled to the Czech Republic this past summer. If you will recall, CrossTraining – through the Timothy Project – outfitted the team which featured six players and two coaches with indoor soccer balls to use during the indoor portion of the camp. […]

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Timothy Project Thursday

This Thursday, we want to remind you about our projects that we’ve seen happen this past year and a few that are on the horizon of the rest of the year. Check out the Timothy Project links below and pray for those that are working in these communities around the world. Haiti Guatemala Uganda Timothy Project […]

Thomas Fahn Liberia

Timothy Project: Liberia 2015

For the people of Liberia, there has always been a challenge facing them. In the early 1800’s Liberia was re-settled by free slaves from the United States, returning to Africa. It was a redemptive story; however, Liberia has been challenged by civil war and coups and most recently, the outbreak of Ebola. For many Liberians, […]

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Timothy Project: Valor Guatemala 2015 Video

This week’s Timothy Project update features video of Valor Christian High School and their trip to Guatemala earlier this summer. Look for highlights of the soccer gear giveaway around the 5:00 min mark of the video! Valor Guatemala 2015 If you would like to make a contribution to projects like these please note Timothy Project in your […]

Ann Nerny Cherry Hills Community Church Timothy Project: Mexico 2015

Timothy Project: Mexico 2015

Ann Nerney is headed to Mexico, again – this the second time in 2015 as she looks to lead a team of singles from Cherry Hills Community Church down to Juarez, Mexico to work with the poor, love on the children, and leave things just a little bit better than when they arrived. You will […]

Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015 Final Update

Enjoy these photos from the Stephane Guillaume Academy and the Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015 final update. This was one of our first projects of the 2015 season.The Timothy Project sent shoes and equipment and balls – as well as about 50 copies of The Prize to be given away to the children that are part […]