Timothy Project MX 2014: A Little Big…

Earlier this year, Rev. Mike Anderson took some Colorado Rapids gear down to Bethel Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. The orphanage houses over 100 children who have either been abandoned or were taken from their families because of abuse or other things happening in the home. Many of the children have little hope – but Bethel […]

Timothy Project 2014

Thursdays throughout the month of April, CrossTraining has been featuring stories on our latest Timothy Project ventures. We will have some updates from equipment sent down to Mexico in the next few weeks, but take a chance to look back at some of the Timothy Projects that have already happened in 2014: Haiti Costa Rica […]

Timothy Project HT 2014: Higher Dreams for Haiti

For Bryan Smith, Haiti has become a bit of home away from home. Smith first traveled to Haiti in 2004. For the last four years, he has been bringing soccer with him. It is the world’s game, after all. Last year, the Colorado Rapids donated a couple of boxes of equipment with many personal donations […]

Timothy Project CR 2014: Indigenous Indians Receive Rapids Gear

Distant Bri Bri Native Indian Village Along Panama Border Receives Gear           In the distant native indigenous Bri Bri Indian village of Yorkin, nestled and shrouded by the green canopies of primary jungle forest along the Northeast border with Panama, is a group of young boys and men who are passionate […]

Timothy Project CR 2014: Amateurs Looking to Go Pro

High-Level Amateurs Receive Gear Harry Rugama is a first division player at the end of his career and along with his good friend and high-level amateur Silvestre Yaslin, they have formed a high competitive recreational team that can help aspiring players to keep in shape and continually developing their skills to create opportunities for young […]

Timothy Project CR 2014: Indigenous Boys Get Gear

Native Indigenous Boy’s Team in Amubri gets uniforms Luis Alberto Leon is a quiet, unassuming business Chinese Costa Rican who has been involved with the indigenous Native Indians of the Amubri community in the Southeast Region of Talamanca in Costa Rica for years. He has privately collected toys and gifts from friends in the community to […]

Timothy Project CR 2014: Answered Prayer

Youth at Getsemaní Baptist Church get prayers unexpectantly answered. Many of the young males and females at the Getsemaní Baptist Church in Limon, Costa Rica, are passionate soccer fans, whose passion translates from the stands to the field and from the pew to the prayer closet. With this passion for football, many of the youth and […]

World Cup Coming

With World Cup 2014 Brazil, just a few months away, millions are preparing for the largest event in the world to capture the imaginations and dreams of people young and old, from hundreds of different countries, and many different backgrounds. In advance of the World Cup, there are many different groups and organizations looking to […]

Timothy Project 2014: Mission Ministries Mexico

After a Houston Chronicle article in 2009 declared the city of Juarez, Mexico the “most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones”1  most Americans and many Christian mission organizations stopped travel and efforts to help the poor of the estimated 1.5 million people who call the city home. The violence spawning from […]

Timothy Project 2014: Bethel Orphanage

For Rev. Mike Anderson, the Bethel Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico has been a place that has captured his heart for years so when he heard that CrossTraining had some extra soccer gear from the Colorado Rapids that was available as part of the Timothy Project, he jumped at the opportunity. We went down to Juarez […]