From the Rev: Remembering Martin

This past Tuesday, November 11, was Veterans Day, but it also serves as the feast day for the patron Saint Martin of Tours. St. Martin has a special place in the heart for the for me personally and for the ministry of CrossTraining. If you don’t know the story, Martin was a soldier in the […]

From the Rev: Rest

While the offseason can mean many things for professional athletes the most integral part of this time is to capitalize on the opportunity to find rest. With the Major League Soccer season beginning preseason preparations in February and the championship game being held in mid-December, there is little true rest to be had for the […]

From the Rev: Coming to the End

Last night, marked the final game of the 2014 season for the Colorado Rapids. In a season which began with much promise, to say the end was “disappointing” would be an understatement. The Rapids went on a 14-game winless streak to finish the season 8th in the Western Conference. With an uncertain future ahead – […]

Rev Brad Kenney Colorado Rapids Chaplain

From the Rev: Someone between Ezra and Nehemiah

During seminary, I recall a particular moment when I was contemplating what future ministry would look like: one scenario, meant fundraising for salary and ministry to work with the Colorado Rapids as chaplain; the other scenario, meant working and doing the chaplaincy within the “margins” of life and work. As I relayed my fear and aversion […]

From the Rev: Character in the Dark

The evangelist, D.L. Moody once said, “Character is what you are in the dark.” Who are we when no one is looking? Who are we when no one is around? Perhaps, for the professional athlete, this question seems irrelevant – much of the professional life is spent in front of cameras, events and comments are captured […]

From the Rev: Goodnight Prayers

Through the course of my life’s work, there have been many moments in which I have been confronted with death. Perhaps this has made me more melancholy as I age; however, there is for me a realization that many of these places – difficult as they may be, are sacred spaces or “thin places” as […]

From the Rev: Sincere Prayers

If you are part of the CrossTraining or Colorado Rapids community, we have been praying for a former player and his wife and their three children that were recently born. Today, one of the babies, a girl, died from complications. The other two are clinging to life in the neonatal unit and there are many […]

From the Rev: Summer Slumps

The Colorado Rapids latest loss on Saturday meant the longest slump of the season with three losses in the last three games, and only one win in the last seven. While not the longest losing streak in recent times (a six game stretch during 2012), it comes at a difficult point in time for the team […]

From the Rev: Glory, Glory Man United

I recently had the privilege to take in the Manchester United vs. AS Roma match that was held in Denver, CO as part of the Guinness International Champions Cup held in the summer of 2014 through the United States. It was a chance to see, up close, some of the world’s best teams and best […]

From the Rev: Gallery of Honor

At the most recent Colorado Rapids home game, the club recognized the 5th member of the Gallery of Honor, current coach and former player Pablo Mastroeni. As a player, Mastroeni was the Rapids’ most decorated player – named to the MLS All-Star Team in his first seven years with the club (2002-2008) he earned Rapids MVP […]