Colorado Rapids Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas 2015

From the Rev: The Redemptive Edge

Ok. So, I’ve not written since early April. A sign of the busyness of this season and all that CrossTraining is going through with our rebranding and ministry. A few of my friends recently have asked that infamous question, “How are you doing?” Tired. Excited. Ready for this rebranding process to be finished. Struggling. Energized. […]

From the Rev: Frayed Community

Last week, Colorado Rapids fans were shocked by the news. Team captain Sam Cronin and starting left back Marc Burch — waived and traded. Three games into the season. To the worst team in the league for two players, money, and an international spot. And so goes the typical script in professional sport. Unless it’s a […]

From the Rev: La’ Fheile Padraig Sona Duit!

No, it’s not a typo. No the computer isn’t on the fritz. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In the Gaelic tongue. Friends of mine who are soon to depart for Ireland sent me this message Friday. Saint Patrick is perhaps one of my favorite “Fathers in the faith.” A few years ago, I reflected on how […]

From the Rev: Giving Up

It’s the season of Lent. A period of 40 days (not including Sundays) before Easter. During Lent, Christians focus on three different things — fasting, prayers of repentance, and giving to the poor. There are two spaces that usually occur during Lent, a space of giving up and a space of filling in. I liken […]

From the Rev: “What do you want?”

The first chapter of the Gospel According to John has one of those “awkward” moments. Jesus has been baptized by John. The first disciples of Jesus are starting to come around him. We notice that the first two to follow Jesus, do just that — they literally follow him. The text (verse 38) narrates the awkward […]

From the Rev: The Legitimacy of Sports Chaplaincy

A recent conversation went something like this: “What do you do?” “I am a sports chaplain. I serve as chaplain for a professional football (soccer) team.” “Is that a real thing?” It’s not the first time that my current vocational calling as been brought into question. It’s a curiosity for many people — inside and […]

From the Rev: Like Rain, on Your Wedding Day…

I recently had the privilege of conducting a wedding for one of the athletes I serve. The venue was exquisite. The bride, beautiful. The family and friends gathered, excited and joy-filled. And then, the rains came. Tropical downpour, just hours before the ceremony was to start. An outdoor wedding, there were not many options for […]

From the Rev: Surgery Waiting

One of my duties as chaplain is to visit athletes and be with them and their families before surgery. This past weekend, I found myself in surgery waiting as my middle daughter, Caley (10), had appendicitis. It is one thing to be with people and their families prior to surgery. I have spent countless hours in […]

From the Rev: M is for Marisa

Marisa Colaiano was someone dear to the Colorado Rapids family. As part of the Rapids’ organization for nearly 10 years, she led the Rapids’ efforts to build relationships within the community. Her death in 2012 at a young age due to Multiple sclerosis was difficult for family, friends, and staff of the Rapids organization. It can […]

From the Rev: An American in Scotland

Take a good look – it’s unlikely that you will ever see a photo like this again. Yes, that’s me (on the right) in a kilt. Or, as my daughters like to say, “Daddy’s in a dress.” My wife, Adriana, and I recently had the privilege to attend a Scottish wedding. Gerrard Street Baptist in […]