Counselor’s Corner: Divorce and Marriage

Divorce and Marriage The divorce rate in the United States continues to climb and now sits at about 53% after recent reports. This is an alarming rate that marriages are ending considering what is at stake. Another alarming report is the divorce rate for professional athletes is in the 60%-80% range. If we take the […]

Counselor’s Corner: Pregame

Pregame Pregame: relating to and occurring just before a sports game. The word pregame has become popular when referring to sports and has become an important part of the game for athletes. For most people pregame refers to sports but after reading 6 Steps of Pregame Mental Preparation by Dr. Patrick Cohn there is so […]

Counselor’s Corner- New Year, New Challenges

                                                                           Challenge New Years resolutions have never really been something that I have partaken in until this year. 2014 […]