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Arizona_United_2014This past week, CrossTraining Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, wrapped up several meeting in Phoenix, Arizona as CrossTraining continues to help discover and develop chaplains in professional soccer. The trip, combined with Rev. Kenney’s Presbytery of the West meetings, was part of the initial effort to lay the ground work for finding a chaplain and counselor to come alongside the club.

Arizona United SC, founded in 2014, is currently one of the 20 teams in the lower divisions of professional soccer without a chaplain. Director Kenney reported on his time spent in Phoenix,

It was helpful to get a ‘lay-of-the-land.’ Arizona just announced that they will be playing in Peoria which is a change from last year, but I had several fruitful meetings and contacts with some potential people that can either serve as chaplain or help develop a chaplain/counseling team in Arizona. Phoenix is a sprawling metro-area and it may take a few more trips and additional work to find the right fit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.11.17 AMDirector Kenney, met with several local area pastors and chaplains to start laying the groundwork for this next year.

I was hoping to meet with a club representative during my time there – but preseason is a tricky time – the team was in Tucson for the weekend playing in a tournament. Hopefully, we can connect soon and find the right person to begin the work.

One of the key questions that always confronts the development of a chaplaincy or counseling work with a club is the receptivity towards having someone come alongside the organization.

We have other strategies for working alongside clubs – even if a coach or team executives are not open to a chaplain. But our preference is to get organizational buy-in. We can use all the prayer support we can muster to see Arizona come online this year.


If you would like to help provide financial support to help with the discovery work in Arizona, donations can be made through the donation button on the side of the page. This will link you to CrossTrainings’ PayPal account where you can make a tax-deductible donation. If you have an interest or know of a qualified person to be consider as a chaplain or counselor in the North Phoenix, Arizona area please make a referral or recommendation through

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