At CrossTraining, we understand that the work that we do and the people that we serve are unique. Listed below are some of the more frequent questions that we get asked about the ministry.

FAQ 1: Are you paid by the Rapids (or other teams, leagues)? Why or why not?

– No. CrossTraining chaplains and counselors are not paid, employed, or reimbursed in any way by the Colorado Rapids, Kronke Sports and Entertainment, Major League Soccer, United Soccer League, or any of the other teams that we work with.

– While CrossTraining is currently going some major changes (including a major increase in the annual budget and scope of service) we have discovered that the autonomy of not being “employed” or compensated allows CrossTraining great benefits in terms of trust and integrity in being able to serve people and their families beyond their time with a particular team or entity.

FAQ 2: Why don’t you just ask players to financially support your work?

– First, everyone always ask things of professional athletes – whether it be an autograph, tickets to a game, the jersey off their back, pictures, or something else. As an organization, CrossTraining is committed to serving first without asking for compensation. Some Christian organizations with professional sport are known for asking Christian players to appear and give “testimonies,” etc. CrossTraining approaches the professional athlete differently. While we are willing to receive from the people that we serve, our primary task is to serve and give to them first and to avoid using them or their influence or position for any gain.

– Second, we serve beyond the locker room. Coaches, team staff, academy players, executives, owners, stadium staff, fans, and their families comprise the audience and scope of whom we aim to serve.

– Third, in professional sport in the United States, soccer players are on considerably lower wages than their counterparts, especially those in the “Big Four” (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB). MLS salaries range from $50k-$5 million/year. MLS salaries are published and you can see the income differences based on one assessment and also with this blogThis particular graphic shows the difference between a team like the Colorado Rapids and other teams in the league. USL players often sign contracts for as little as $1-4k/month for 6-8 months.

FAQ 3: Why give to an organization working in “professional sport” when there is so much “need” in the world today?

– This is a great question and one that demands critical thought and, as appropriate, prayer. The work of CrossTraining is born out of a sense of call. CrossTraining chaplains and counselors work to aid the spiritual fitness of a person, regardless of their income or position in society. While we work with professional sports athletes, coaches, etc. we see them simply as people.

– Part of CrossTraining’s work is to also help those we serve in terms of holistic health. In other words, we encourage the cultural influencers of our day to steward their resources and position in society to the benefit of others – especially to the poor.

– CrossTraining also utilizes programs like the Timothy Project to steward some of the resources and relationships that we have been blessed to make in order to effect change around the world.

FAQ 4: What makes CrossTraining different from any other organization working in professional sport?

– CrossTraining is not evangelism driven (i.e. don’t act as evangelists) but rather as chaplains
– CrossTraining chaplains and counselors are “bi-vocational” or “avocational” (i.e. have other jobs, workplaces where we “work out” our calling and vocational ministry)
– CrossTraining understand its work to go beyond the locker room – to the entire community (fans, ownership, executives, staff, coaches, alumni and families)
– CrossTraining chaplains and counselors are seminary-trained, have Master’s level education or higher, or have vocational equivalencies
– CrossTraining chaplains and counselors are licensed or ordained in creditable denominations or agencies
– CrossTraining has continuing education requirements to grow in our chaplaincy and counseling proficiency
– CrossTraining is also working to develop other chaplain and counseling teams

FAQ 5: What does a chaplain or counselor in professional sport do?

We will answer this question soon!

FAQ 6: Where will my donation go?

We will answer this question soon!

FAQ 7: What is a chaplain? What does a sports chaplain do?

We will answer this question soon!

FAQ 8: What is the difference between a chaplain and a counselor?

We will answer this question soon!
If you have a question to ask that is not covered here, please email us at info@crosstraining-us.org. We’d love to hear from you and answer your question(s).