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Community Outreach

Fundamental to CrossTraining is the need to connect individuals and be connected into the larger community. For those in soccer, we seek to help connect them back into the faith community through stewardship and service opportunities. For the faith community, we look to deploy them into different points of need within the soccer community.

To learn more of how CrossTraining connects these communities or how you can be involved, please contact us.


Within the lower divisions of professional soccer in the United States, there is a disparity of income and wage. Often, athletes and coaches must live minimally to pursue the sport and ply their trade. Incomes are sometimes augmented with housing subsidies, other income producing opportunities (like coaching camps, etc.), or some even hold other jobs. CrossTraining is beginning to develop additional resources such as those listed below as opportunities for the faith community to help us serve the soccer community.

  • Host homes — players on trial (trying out) or from other countries often lack the resources to afford housing. Through temporary housing arrangements with vetted, trustworthy hosts, CrossTraining can seek to address this need.
  • Service teams — when the call to another team comes often a player or coach is on the move. It is up to the wife to pack house and move for the next opportunity. CrossTraining will soon develop service teams to help with things like packing up a family, organizing meal trains for someone sick or injured or just having a baby, and other simple, practical helps.

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CrossTraining’s way of giving back to local and global communities is through the Timothy Project. Through the Timothy Project, we resource donated soccer equipment and gear. We accept applications for different work projects from different organizations and see those teams resourced to use soccer for their own outreach efforts.

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